Pastor is a gifting, not necessarily a hired role or position. As a "Pastor", I often find people surprised when they hear that I am one, maybe because I look and act "normal" - whatever that is. My desire is to represent the love Christ has for people and the truth of His Word, in an acurate and reliable manner. Part of how I'm wired is to try to help people by walking with them through the ups and downs of life (all the garbage that still happens, even to Christians).

My Master of Divinity degree has helped prepare and equip me, but being a pastor doesn't mean having all the answers to questions about why God...? But for those who want to learn more, investigate the truths and wonders of Christianity and have a curiosity about what a relationship with the Creator God of the Universe really is, or maybe are struggling with "stuff"- hey, we can talk and walk together - contact me.

Pastor Chris and his family have been involved since the beginning of this new church plant. Married to Philomena, they have two wonderful children. As a couple and a family they have experienced the struggles and the joys of real life, yet their lives demonstrate Real People, Real Life and Real Faith.

Pastor Chris graduated in 2003 with his M.T.S. and his Master of Divinity in 2008.