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An ongoing series of thoughts and reflections as I observe people, life, the world and my place in all of this.


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Another Fall, A fresh start to school, but what have we really learned?
September 24, 2009

The crispness in the air at nights, the shortening daylight, the forest of trees starting to reveal their kaleidoscope of colours - yes, all this and the date on the calendar tells me that indeed, Fall has arrived. Fall is a time when most students are excited to go back to school (most parents too), to be re-engaged in a learning process that will help to shape them for their futures. But upon reflection over the many conversations, observations and communications that have crossed my path since the last fall season began; I start to reflect on what have we actually learned?                                                                                                                                          

Life, like the ever-changing seasons we witness here in Canada, doesn't stand still or wait for us to catch up. By the time we seem to realize it's cold outside, we have gone too long without our fall jackets (or worse, our winter coats) and we have caught a cold. Too late now, we must tend to our misery in an effort to recover, often with a vow to change our ways and dress more appropriately - even though the sun may in fact be shining. What have we learned, especially if we find ourselves in the same predicament we did last year?

There are many things in life that we can count on occurring, regardless of our will or desire that they wouldn't. Here, at least in Canada, we can usually count on snow, taxes, rain during summer vacation and road construction.

But sadly, we also see fractured relationships in families, between parents and children, spouses, siblings, co-workers and often strong words or a gesture towards the driver who just cut you off.  Life keeps going, but is it getting better? More stress, busier schedules and lives, more responsibility, but I have to ask, are we really living and enjoying life? From my perspective at least, I don't think so. Not many people seem to be outside smiling right now.

So then why do we keep doing what we do and expect to see any change in our circumstances, always hoping for the "light at the end of the tunnel" or a chance to catch our breath before we are plunged back into the crazy pace of life.

Jesus said that He came to give us life, an abundant life that is contrary to those who would seek to choke our lives or ruin them. The Bible points to some very clear choices we have to make and the consequences, both positive and negative, of the types of choices we make. So we shouldn't be surprised when we make poor choices or live in a way that is contrary to the Fatherly wisdom and advice that God gives us, and the consequences or results of those choices aren't good. Have you ever ignored some good piece of advice that your parents gave, only to see what they warned you would happen - did? Did you then go to them to blame them for what happened, or did you learn from it, perhaps even apologizing to your parents even as they came and tried to help you out of the jam you had gotten yourself into? Why would we blame God when things happen, especially after we choose to ignore what he told us in the first place? Recognize that He is still around; anxious to help us fix mistakes, get back on track and live the kind of life He created us for.

Have we learned anything at all? There are some things (like snow) we can't do much about, but there are other things, life choices, relationships, work, our attitudes and problems, that God desire to help us with.

We each have a choice - what kind of life do you want?

Have we learned anything at all at the start of this fall, or have we all come down with colds.


Pastor Chris